Have a friend is amazing, isn’t it? Imagine in the animal world. So here you can see our latest arrival Mr. Darcy, rescued by our team. More details of him and others can be found on our Animals page


Roxy is a 15hh chestnut thoroughbred type mare she is 4 years old. We first met Roxy after receiving a report from a local farmer of a very miserable and hungry horse wandering in a local common age area.  When we eventually found her we were very distressed to see … Continue reading


A non-profit organisation whose goal is to improve the welfare of Ireland's Forgotten Horses

About The Charity

The Charity's ultimate goal is about coming up with solutions to alleviate the problem of abandoned and dumped horses in the Irish countryside. (CHY 20409)

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Forgotten Horses Ireland only exists because of it's dedicated volunteers. Find out how you can help!
"There is a pressing need for a more centrally mandated and uniformly applied system of governance to safeguard the health and promote the keeping of horses to a higher welfare standard in Ireland" - IRISH VETERINARY JOURNAL
"Many have forgotten this truth, but we must never forget it..... we remain forever responsible for that which we have tamed." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery