Have a friend is amazing, isn’t it? Imagine in the animal world. So here you can see our latest arrival Mr. Darcy, rescued by our team. More details of him and others can be found on our Animals page

Roxy is a 15hh chestnut thoroughbred type mare she is 4 years old. We first met Roxy after receiving a report from a local farmer of a very miserable and hungry horse wandering in a local common age area.  When we eventually found her we were very distressed to see her state she had obviously […]

Galway based charity Forgotten Horses Ireland CHY20409 counted 139 horses during its recent annual census of abandoned horses on a commonage of 2,400 acres in Galway County, an increase from 127 counted in 2012. The exact number of abandoned horses on this commonage may be higher due to the poor weather conditions on the day […]