Forgotten Horses Ireland

Rescue, rehabilitate, rehome

Forgotten Horses Ireland operate as a rescue centre, our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses and ponies. The horses in our care come from a number of different situations, some are abandoned or feral, some are seized by authorities as part of neglected and cruelty cases and some are taken by us from equine pounds where they face a certain death sentence if they do not find a rescue space.

Forgotten Horses Ireland is an entirely volunteer run organisation that is committed to the care and welfare of horses in need. The group was formed in County Galway in March 2012, since then Forgotten Horses has saved hundreds of horses from cruelty, neglect and in some cases certain death.


By donating to Forgotten Horses Ireland, you are directly contributing to the valuable work we do. All funds go to our non-profit organisation and are greatly appreciated and much needed.