Forgotten Horses Christmas Wishlist!

11 Dec

With Christmas around the corner we would like to share our Christmas wishlist 🙏

If we were writing to Santa these are the things we would ask for to help around the yard. Things to make our daily jobs easier, things to replace old worn out ones, things to keep ponies warm and happy ❤️

Our Christmas Wishlist 2018🌲

>Automatic Stable drinkers x7
>Headcollars and lead Ropes- all sizes
>Turn our rugs: Smaller sizes 6ft and below
> Durable buckets
> wormers: Pyrantel Embonate & Ivermectin
>hardfeed; stable mix, beet pulp, alfalfa chop
>karron oil
>new grooming brushes
>yard brush
>Shavings fork
>Yard Shovel
> New microchip scanner
>Fencing materials

If anyone would like to donate or purchase something for us off the wish list we would be immensely grateful ❤️

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