Why adopt a rescue horse?

By adopting a rescue you will be giving a wonderful new life to an animal that needs a loving home and providing routine and reassurance to them. It also frees up a space for us to take another pony from a potentially dire situation, to keep saving horses we must keep rehoming the ones in our care.

Whats “wrong” with Rescues?

People sometimes think that there must be something “wrong” with the horses we have, for them to have ended up in such a place. The only thing wrong is the poor handling they have sometimes experienced at the hands of humans. We spend months assessing horses, rehabilitating them and getting them back to health. We do our best to match potential adopters to the most suitable pony for their needs and skill level.
We will always be 100% honest to the best of our knowledge, about a horses temperament and past health issues (something you cannot always rely on when buying a horse!). And of course if for any reason you find it isn’t working out we will take the horse back.

What should you consider before adopting?

  • Is it a companion or riding pony/horse you are looking for?
  • What level of experience does the rider/ handler have?
  • Have you thoroughly researched the costs assosciated with keeping an equine? Feed, bedding, farrier, vets costs, dentist, insurance etc. it’s not an insignificant amount and the financial commitment needed should not be taken lightly,
  • Do you have time to care for the animal?
  • Are you willing to invest time in training the animal or employ a trainer to do so?
  • Do you have land and facilities to keep the animal? If not, do you have livery space secured?
  • Is there sufficient acerage for grazing and stables/ a shelter?
  • FHI has a strict policy on no breeding of our equines.
  • Any equine adopted must have another equine for company, being herd animals it is essential to their comfort that they have company of their own kind.
  • You must register your premises with the Dept of Agriculture for keeping equines; valid Equine Premises Number will be required prior to application to adopt.
  • We do not rehome horse where the intention is to sell them on, we are looking for long term, loving homes for our animals.

What is the application process?

If you are interested in adopting an equine from us please email to arrange a visit to our yard to meet the pony/horse of interest. At this point we will discuss you desires/expectations for the animals and we will try to match you with the animal that suits your needs best.
Upon deciding which pony you would like to adopt we will provide you with an application form, which you must fill in and return to us. A home check will be carried out by us to ensure proper facilities and fencing are in place on your property.
Upon completion of satisfactiory home check, a rehoming contribution is paid prior to the equine being collected. The contribution varies depending on the animal; starting at €200 for small ponies up to €550 for larger ponies/horses. This contribution helps us to help the next horse in need, it goes directly towards the rescue and rehabilitation of the horses in our care.

Collection of your horse/pony can then be arranged. All future cost associated with the care and upkeep of the animal are now your responsibility. We reserve the right to do follow up visits to ensure the welfare of the animal.

Note that there are more horses available than are shown on the website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Horses for adoption