08 Feb

Sennan is a super cute fluffy little miniature. He came to FHI as a feral stallion who had lived all his life to that point on a mountain...... he got himself into a spot of bother by breaking into someones garden and trying to romance their 17 Hand mare .... so he had to be taken to safety. Sennan is no longer a stallion though still like to think himself a bit wild at times...... he can be difficult to catch, but is good on a lead once you have him. He would suit an experienced home as a companion.... someone who will spend time one on one with him building trust....... he takes time to trust a new person but once he has a routine and daily gentle interaction he can be quite friendly. At his age he would likely be suitable as a companion pony only.

Age: est. 13+ years
Height: est. 90cm

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