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Forgotten Horses Ireland wouldn’t exist without our dedicated team of volunteers.

Would you like to help?  If any of the below interests you then please call or email us.

Forgotten Horses is entirely volunteer run organization and we are always looking for new volunteers.
We need people who have some experience caring for horses to help us with the daily running of the yard. 
This usually involves a few hours; either in the morning or afternoon to check on horses and take care of their needs.
A morning or afternoon duties usually involve: preparing feeds and haynets, feeding the horses, checking on horses out in the field and checking the water supply in the fields, mucking out stables, administering care to sick animals ie. applying creams, medications etc. 
Other tasks involve loading horses into horsebox and moving horses between fields, assisting with farrier and vets visits, grooming horses and basic training/ handling of horses. Basic training for example includes; teaching horses to have a headcollar put on, to walk in hand, to lift feet in preparation for farrier visits, desensitization exercises etc. 
There are also other ways you can help Forgotten Horses if yard work doesn’t suit you.
  • Fundraising: organize a fundraiser in aid of Forgotten Horses! A table quiz, sponsored run, cake sale, the options are endless! Get creative and help us by donating much needed funds to help keep doing what we do! 
  • Fostering a pony: Fostering a pony long term frees up a rescue space for another animal in need. Fostering short term to train is also very helpful! It can be hard with so many animals in our care to get time to further all of their training. If you are an experienced horse trainer and would like to help by training one of our ponies please get in contact. It is so much easier for us to find a long term home for a ponie that has had more training or is broken and riding.
  • Raising awareness and spreading the word: Please keep up to date with us on Facebook and share our message; education and awareness are key in improving equine welfare in Ireland.


Contact is Via our Facebook page or Email:

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