Why Foster a Rescue Pony?

Fostering frees up a rescue space so we can take in another animal in need, also in a home environment one on one it prepares the horse for their forever home.
Foster homes allow horses to have more time being handled and some individual training making them more ready for rehoming.

How is Fostering different than adopting?

An equine on foster is still looking for a forever home elsewhere, we will still be advertising them via our webpage and social media as looking for a home. For this reason we generally prefer foster homes to be local to us to allow us to facilitate potential adopters to meet the pony.

Can I Foster a horse with the aim of training them?

Yes. Absolutely! It can be difficult when caring for so many horses to give them all the one on one attention they would benefit from, so we are very happy to have experienced individuals take on our horses to further their learning. We at FHI are advocates of humane training methods; positive reinforcement, natural horsemanship and force free training methodologies. It’s important that potential fosterers aiming to train are similarly inclined.
Any equine must be an absolute minimum of 3 years old before beginning heavy groundwork or weight bearing training, younger horses are only permitted to have more basic handling undertaken as training.

What are the requirements to foster a pony?

Requirements are similar to the beginning steps for adopting a pony; visit our yard, meet the pony and discuss with us your intended reason for fostering. A home check of your facilities and filling in of relavent forms, an Equine Premises Number for your property is required.

Note that there are more horses available than are shown on the website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Horses for fostering